Duo Escorts – Twice as Much Fun?

Booking two escorts simultaneously. Utopia or just plain greedy? It is an interesting conundrum and one that we are happy to discuss. The thought of booking just one escort holds a massive amount of anticipation and fun form most guys. The thought of being able to select from a myriad of stunning and sexy young ladies with the sole intention of pleasure and excitement is quite compelling to say the least.

Browsing a high class escort agency and carefully selecting the girl that most matches your dreams and expectations is a sexually charged experience in itself. But the thought of booking two escorts at the same time, well, how would most guys feel about that?

Why should you book escorts for a threesome?

A 3 some is a fantasy for many guys. The reality of achieving this can actually be quite difficult to achieve. As a fumbling teen perhaps there were minor opportunities to get involved with more than one partner at the same time but as people get a little older their requirements and expectations certainly change and develop. A 3 some to most people is a full on session with two other people being involved. Not just a kiss and fondle but much more than that, invariably involving the full act.

threesomes with 2 guys and one girl are probably easier to find naturally. Of course people are at liberty to visit clubs for swingers where these activities are available. Again though, the reality is somewhat different. Visiting a swingers club will for sure reveal a relatively high number of like minded people but the guys usually outnumber the girls significantly and on top of this the girls there may not actually be the thing of your dreams.

Finding other partners here that want to indulge in your fantasy will invariably be a guy and his partner, most likely a guy that wants some excitement by seeing his partner in sexual activities with a stranger. So yes you may find your 3-some but perhaps not what you had in mind – 2 guys sharing one lady.

So what are your alternatives if you are genuinely looking for a 3 some or MFF as the acronym accurately describes 2 girls and one guy involved in fun and games together. The first thing that you should do is find an escort agency website that offers escorts who are happy to indulge in 3 somes. There are many more than you may imagine and this is not too difficult to sort. Then the next stage is to decide which pair of escorts you want to book. So here is your dilemma, 2 similar 3-some escorts or two wildly different ladies paired together with the sole intention of your pleasure.

One obvious choice is potentially a brunette escort and a blonde escort. Best of both worlds. And whole we are talking contrasts why not consider a tall, skinny leggy escort - most likely Eastern European and team her up with a sexy and busty more curvaceous escort? Once you start thinking long these lines the possibilities are almost endless with the permutations of escorts available to mix and match.

Experience private shows with escorts

Then a further consideration is do you want your escorts there for your sole pleasure or would it be exciting to see the girls performing together. Just think about having two stunning sexy young escorts in the privacy of your hotel bedroom. You could request that they both perform a gentle striptease together, helping each other to undress sexily. If they were to touch each other throughout this process and perhaps have a sexy kiss just how excited would that be to watch?

If this were to progress into something a little stronger then happy days. And the simple fact is that you can specify this when you book your 3-some escorts. You may well want to spend most of your booking watching the two sexy girls performing a live show for your pleasure. You can relax in a chair next to the bed watching them cavort and pleasuring each other.

So, booking 2 escorts at the same time, greedy or Utopia? We thing we all agree it would be one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

Duo Escorts – Twice as Much Fun?
19 February 2019
Does book a duo escort service really mean you will have twice as much fun?
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